Mission Statement

 bcase Proactive Solutions Ltd is a dynamic Trinidad and Tobago based Occupational Safety and Health Training & Consultancy Provider. We believe that "Good Safety is Good Management"! Through our services, companies can meet and exceed the legislative requirements for HSE, meet STOW requirements (energy sector clients), reduce accidents, improve employee morale, reduce costs and deliver safe production.

Training Courses

 bcase Proactive provides both standard and customized industrial safety training courses and instruction for a broad range of workplace requirements. Our hands-on, no-compromise approach ensures your satisfaction and more importantly, your employees's safety. These comprehensive safety courses focus on the TTOSH Act (2004/2006), OSHA general industry regulations and industry best practices to give you the best training experience possible as you...


 bcase Our HSE Consultancy Services include but are not limited to the following: 1. TTOSH Act GAP Analysis & Implementation of TTOSH Act (2004) 2. STOW-TT - gap analysis, implementation & hse support 3. Employee safety handbooks 4. Risk Assessments 5. HSE Policies & Procedures 6. HSE Program Manuals 7. Accident Investigation Reports 8. Supply of Training Facilitators 9. Customized Training development 10. Employee Orientations 11. HSE Inspections – General Hazard Reports 12. Safety Coaching for new HSE officers/co-ordinators 13. Toolbox Talks